Audi One Cultural Achievement Award
 Transportation Design Masters Thesis, In collaboration with Audi AG


    Awardedfor outstanding achievement, within cultural arts, the Audi One concept isdesigned to symbolize and promote human achievement, becoming a timelesssculpture each deserving recipient gets to keep and drive for one year at atime. Inspired by the StanleyCup of the National Hockey League - which unlike most trophy’s - is notremade every year. TheAudi One celebratesthese people's legendary achievements, acting as an ambassador promoting thepursuit of dreams and the quest for success. Recipients would have theirnames engraved on one of the expressive fins cloaking the main volume and be giventhe Grand Tourer for the period of one year. Taking the role as flagshipvehicle for the Audi brand, it will help promote and strengthen the brand'svalues of sophisticated progressive design and embody sports appeal. VorsprungDurch Technik or "Advancement through technology" will be seenthrough the use of materials on the brink of becoming mainstream.
    The Audi One's design focuses oncreating a timeless sculpture that will represent the legendary men and womanwho win this award. Inspired by timeless objects, the goal is to design anexterior that will stand the test of time, becoming a futuristic statement. 
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